The Cyber Security Landscape Is Shifting

The world as we know it has changed, and so has business. Companies around the globe are looking
for ways to connect reliably, scale rapidly, and protect a mobile workforce. These changes are
causing more organizations to shift toward cloud-hybrid environments, adding complexities to
existing cyber security measures.

A 2023 IDC report confirmed that as data centers and enterprises are adapting a cloud-hybrid model,
security remains a concern, with 56% of IaaS environments reporting one or more major breach in
the last two years. This is tied to the overall rise in cyber attacks, as indicated by Check Point’s
2023 Cyber Security Report, which noted a surge in several industries, including a staggering 74%
increase in attacks in the healthcare industry.

In addition to specific infrastructure breaches, the increased fragmentation of IT environments
poses logistical and management challenges for security teams. To future-proof security,
organizations need solutions that reduce administrative overhead, integrate with cloud and
on-prem infrastructure, and enforce granular policies, all while delivering consistent security
and performance across their networks.

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