Infinigate continues its success story

9th September 2009 - Infinigate Group, one of Europe's leading VADs (Value Added Distributor) for IT-security solutions with subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, continues to grow despite the difficult economic environment.

Infinigate managed to continue its recent success story in the 1st quarter 2009. Revenue grew by 35% on Group level compared to the same period 2008. After doubling the revenue in 2005 and growth rates of 30 - 40% for 2006 to 2008 Infinigate managed to gain further market share in the beginning of 2009.

With a yearly revenue on Group level of around EUR 100 mil. Infinigate is one of the leading European Value Added Distributors with sole focus on IT-security solutions. Thanks to the good start in 2009 Infinigate is confident to close the running business year (01.04.2009 - 31.03.2010) with an excellent result. In conjunction with the expected growth Infinigate intends to create new jobs, clearly positioning itself against the current trend of job reductions.

Despite the turbulences in foreign exchange markets end of 2008 Infinigate has been constantly profitable. The resulting financial scope will be used to force further growth. Following the successful integration of the former Nocom Security Group (today Infinigate) with operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which was acquired end of 2007, Infinigate is well positioned to continue the geographic expansion within Europe by additional acquisitions.

Infinigate was founded in 1996 as the first Distributor of internet technology solutions in Europe. Since 2002 Infinigate’s sole focus has been the distribution of sustainable IT security solutions to protect and defend IT networks, servers, devices, data, applications as well as the cloud. As a true Value Added Distributor, Infinigate focuses on and supports innovative, best of breed security solutions that require an advanced level of expertise and knowledge. Infinigate offers a complete service to its partners and vendors to complement its product portfolio with dedicated technical, marketing, sales and professional services. Following a number of successful market entries and acquisitions, Infinigate aims to continue driving forward its strategy of geographical expansion across Europe. Today the Infinigate Group has about 300 employees and operations in 10 European countries including Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It covers close to 80% of the Western European IT Security market potential establishing itself as a leading European Value Added Distributor for IT Security.