Infinigate Group Announces Strong Increase in Turnover and Profit

20th May 2014 - The Infinigate Group announced today that it has increased its turnover for the recent fiscal year by 29%, recording in excess of 200 million Euros. As one of Europe's leading VADs (Value Added Distributors) of IT Security solutions, with operations in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Infinigate is continuing to deliver above market-average growth rates

For the fiscal year 2013/14 (1.4.2013 - 31.3.2014), Infinigate Group's turnover exceeded 200 million Euros, representing a 29% increase in revenue and an exceptionally high growth in profits. Over the past year, it has captured additional market share and further strengthened its position within Europe. 

These strong results are further proof of the continued success of the Infinigate Group. It has established itself as a significant player in the European IT distributor landscape with an average compound growth rate of about 27% for the last 10 years. This compares with the yearly growth rate of the global IT Security market overall, which, according to market analysis, is around 7% to 10%.  Acquisitions in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom have boosted the Groups' geographical footprint  and mean that it is now positioned as one of the leading IT Security distributors within Europe.  

"This journey has not come to an end yet", says David Martinez, Founder and CEO of the Infinigate Group: "The goal for the next few years is to keep up this pace by maintaining strong organic growth combined with further acquisitions to reach our objective of becoming Europe's foremost provider of  IT Security Solutions to the Channel."

Infinigate's year on year growth rate of 27% has been driven, only in small part, by acquisitions. It has largely been achieved as a result of organic growth - at a rate which is at least twice the average market growth - and has been driven by Infinigate's clearly defined strategy. A combination of its focus on IT Security and its proactive approach to supporting its Channel partners, has set Infinigate apart from the competition.

Infinigate was founded in 1996 as the first Distributor of internet technology solutions in Europe. Since 2002 Infinigate’s sole focus has been the distribution of sustainable IT security solutions to protect and defend IT networks, servers, devices, data, applications as well as the cloud. As a true Value Added Distributor, Infinigate focuses on and supports innovative, best of breed security solutions that require an advanced level of expertise and knowledge. Infinigate offers a complete service to its partners and vendors to complement its product portfolio with dedicated technical, marketing, sales and professional services. Following a number of successful market entries and acquisitions, Infinigate aims to continue driving forward its strategy of geographical expansion across Europe. Today the Infinigate Group has about 300 employees and operations in 10 European countries including Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It covers close to 80% of the Western European IT Security market potential establishing itself as a leading European Value Added Distributor for IT Security.