A10 Networks solutions are centered around the A10 Harmony Controller, the brain which helps organisations centrally manage multiple layers of threat protection.

The Harmony Controller also supports highperformance, scalable and secure app services, including Application Delivery Controllers, DDoS protection, firewall, SSL traffic visibility and IPv4 preservation solutions. 

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The company’s Network Security solutions include:

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Thunder TPS 
for fast, accurate and scalable DDoS attack detection and defence 

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Thunder CFW 
which This delivers end-to-end cloud firewall capabilities by combining datacentre and Gi/SGi Firewall, Secure Web Gateway and IPsec VPN capabilities in a single solution

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Thunder SSLi 
which decrypts traffic and enables security devices to analyse it without impacting performance 

The company’s multi-cloud application and service provider solutions include:

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Lightning ADC 
For high-performance, advanced load balancing that enables customers’ applications to be highly available, accelerated, and secure 

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Thunder ADC 
which provides real-time network visibility and simplifies operations across multi-cloud environments and multiple datacentres 

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Thunder CGN 
which manages IPv4 preservation and IPv4 to IPv6 migrations to help customers handle growing numbers of subscribers, devices and applications 

A10 Networks benefits for partners and end users

A10 Networks enables Infinigate partners to increase revenues from network optimisation and security solutions that extend across on-premises infrastructure to cloud and multi-cloud environments. 

For end customers, A10 Networks provide a number of key benefits: 

Application delivery ROI

56% of customers see ROI in 12 months

Automation for DDoS protection (with AI)

for better security, performance and capacity 

Reduced SSL/TLS decryption web threat liability

with 57% of customers improving security and 43% reducing costs

Increased 5G and subscriber uptime

100% of customers experienced better reliability for CGN and security 

Why partner with Infinigate and A10 Networks?

Infinigate is an EMEA cybersecurity and secure networks powerhouse with the right technical sales and solution design experience to help you deliver A10 solutions to market quickly and at scale. 

We spark your growth and boost your market share with:

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Our relentless focus on your growth which helps our partners outpace the market

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The right mix of human and digital support to win more deals and take solutions to market faster

solutions and services

Modular solutions and services that fills gaps in your in-house capabilities and open new revenue streams


Pan-European presence and delivery capabilities with skilled EU experts present in local countries to support you