Conpal GmbH is a leading, independent provider of IT security solutions

for the protection of confidential data by means of encryption and authentication. This protection covers all data, regardless of whether data storage is local, mobile, on networks or in cloud environments. 

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conpal GmbH solutions are used in numerous companies as well as economic and public administration organisations to ensure that only authorized users can retrieve sensitive information.  

They meet the typical requirements of enterprise customers, are flexible when it comes to mapping organizational structures, easy to roll out and scalable. The LAN Crypt data-centric encryption solution operates in the background, mostly invisible to the user, and is easy for IT staff to manage using existing roles and policies. 

GmbH provide products and services in conjunction with internationally established, qualified partners. Our range contains software products we have developed ourselves as well as solutions sourced from competent partners, so that we can achieve substantial added value for users.  

Based in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, our company stands out due to the profound expert knowledge of our staff in encryption and strong authentication – our areas of focus. Many years of experience in accreditation and certification of security products combined with excellence in innovation make conpal GmbH one of the most esteemed providers of IT security in Europe. 

Why partner with Infinigate and Conpal?

Infinigate is an EMEA cybersecurity and secure networks powerhouse with the right technical sales and solution design experience to help you deliver Conpal solutions to market quickly and at scale. 

We spark your growth and boost your market share with:

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Our relentless focus on your growth which helps our partners outpace the market

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The right mix of human and digital support to win more deals and take solutions to market faster

solutions and services

Modular solutions and services that fills gaps in your in-house capabilities and open new revenue streams


Pan-European presence and delivery capabilities with skilled EU experts present in local countries to support you