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We have four key strategies to help spark your growth with digital:

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Combining human and digital support

Digital tools can make it faster to do business, whether you’re checking inventory, making an order, or researching a new market opportunity.

But sometimes, you just need to talk to someone to ask for advice or resolve an issue.

That’s why we let you choose exactly how you want to work and do business with us – and why our digital capabilities are backed up by human support.

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Creating digital tools ‘for everything’

As an Infinigate partner, you can always pick up the phone and talk to us – but you can also do almost everything using digital tools, on your own terms, how and when you want.

Our constantly growing digital toolkit helps you track orders, check inventory, access training, deliver subscription-based services, build marketing campaigns, and everything in between – saving you time and accelerating your growth.

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Guiding you to digital success

Many distributors and technology partners give you access to all their digital tools – but it’s not clear which ones you need or how to use them.

With our modular approach to digital, we can help you find and use the tools you need, and give you step-by-step guidance for the task at hand, whether you’re designing a customer solution, building a marketplace, creating a marketing campaign, or upskilling your teams.

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Predicting the market and listening to our partners

The IT market is growing and changing rapidly, and new digital tools are needed to maximise the opportunities.

We keep track of key market trends and constantly invest in the next generation of digital tools and services to help you execute fully in your market.

We also listen to our partners and vendors – giving you the opportunity to feedback on our existing digital tools, and to request new features or functionality.

Based on market insights and feedback from our partners, we are constantly investing and developing new digital capabilities. To add even more value, we provide the human support and services vendors and partners need to get the most from our digital tools and resources, giving you total flexibility in terms of how you want to work with us.”

Please let us know if you have a request or idea for enhancing Infinigate digital

You can also visit your local Infinigate country website for a list of available digital tools and resources.
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