With Infinigate NGFW solutions, your customers can extend network security beyond incoming and outgoing traffic to applications and public and private cloud connections and services and distributed endpoints.

Our solutions provide a number of key benefits for organisations:

1. Increased Security

Our NGFWs use advanced security technologies such as deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention systems, and application awareness to provide a higher level of security than traditional firewalls – helping your end customers to protect their networks against sophisticated cyberattacks.

2. Application Visibility and Control

Our NGFWs can identify and control the use of specific applications on end customers’ networks, giving them better visibility and control and helping to prevent risks associated with unauthorised or malicious applications.

3. Advanced threat protection

Our NGFWs can detect and prevent advanced threats such as zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats and malware. They also use threat intelligence and behavioural analysis to identify and stop threats that may bypass traditional security measures.

4. Improved compliance

NGFWs can help your customers meet regulatory compliance requirements with advanced security features – including intrusion prevention, content filtering, and advanced threat protection.

5. Optimised network performance

Our NGFWs help improve network performance by offloading security tasks from other devices and optimising traffic flow across the network.