How the DPoD marketplace works

Data Protection on Demand is cloud-independent.
Regardless of whether you use Microsoft Azure, Google,
IBM or Amazon Web Services or a combination of cloud
of cloud and local solutions, you always have
you always have control over your
encryption keys.

No need to buy hardware or software,
supported or updated, so you have no capital
so you have no capital outlay.
What’s more, thanks to the unique
pay-as-you-grow pricing, you have the flexibility
to purchase services that meet your changing business
your changing business needs.

Get data security on your terms – in just a few minutes

Security is now simpler, more cost-effective and easier to manage because there’s no more hardware to buy, deploy and maintain. Simply click on the services you need and deploy them to the Data Protection on Demand marketplace, set up users, add devices and receive usage reports within minutes.

Get data security on your terms – in just a few minutes.

Access to a wide range of security services. One click is all it takes to get the protection you need. Security as a Service (SECaaS) offers within minutes.

No upfront investment and usage-based pricing.

No hardware or software to buy, maintain or update. No capital outlay. Flexibility to purchase services to meet changing business needs.

Einfache Integration in Ihre Cloud- und IT-Services

Easy integration into your cloud and IT services

Protect data everywhere and fulfil compliance requirements

Protect sensitive data in any environment – in the cloud, virtually or on site. Protect the data you create, store and analyse. Crypto enables your blockchain, cloud and IoT applications.

Unlimited scalability and elasticity.

Scale HSM and key management services up and down automatically. Easily expand HSM and key management capacity and crypto resources without limitations.

Concentrate on your business and not on managing hardware and software.

No need to buy, deploy, configure and maintain hardware and software. All physical hardware, software and infrastructure is managed by Thales, including an SLA.

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