A living XDR ecosystem that is constantly learning

Threats have evolved – security has not. Until now. Security threats are more dynamic and sophisticated than ever before, so static and isolated solutions can no longer guarantee the security of organisations. That’s why Trellix has developed a new concept for resilience. The concept can keep pace with malicious actors and give your SecOps team a head start on potential attacks. This living and learning ecosystem is getting stronger, smarter and more agile by the day. Give your organisation the confidence to focus on its goals with Living Security.

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How Trellix XDR works

Data is collected, correlated and contextualised with threat data. The integrated playbooks are based on the experience of analysts and enable automatic remediation measures.

Trelix solutions

Endpoint Security

Ensure resilience with proactive detection, response and prevention.
The next evolution of endpoint protection. Trellix endpoint security solutions are constantly learning and proactively adapting to defend against new threats and current attacks. They go through a continuous cycle of prevention, detection and response.

Cloud Security

Organisations with hybrid workforces need particularly reliable protection for data, user access and cloud services.
SSE specifically for business flexibility The Cloud Security Service Edge provides security for every part of your organisation by applying Zero Trust principles to increase the productivity of your employees.


The adaptive and automated security solutions for email and collaboration tools enable secure and reliable collaboration.
Trellix solutions provide protection against multiple points of attack and attackers through customisation, detection, response and automation. Flexibly scalable for all hybrid environments, regardless of location.

Data and user

With the adaptive Trellix solutions, you can keep track of where your data is and how it is protected. Intelligent security solutions for confidential data. Trellix data and user protection solutions give you real-time visibility, protection for your data and protection against data leaks – thanks to dynamic access control, intelligent threat detection and automatic responses. Insights from AI/ML are used to detect unusual user behaviour via UEBA.

Application security

Protect applications with security solutions that learn and constantly adapt throughout the CI/CD cycle. Security solutions that evolve as fast as your code. Trellix application security solutions for cloud-native applications give you visibility into the cloud service environments in which they are deployed. Cloud-native applications are protected with a zero-trust approach that minimises public cloud risks through continuous workload and container scanning.

Infrastructure security

Protect your network, servers and data centre with a living and learning ecosystem “Living Security”. Trellix infrastructure security solutions are constantly learning and adapting. As a result, they offer complete transparency and control options so that anomalies are quickly recognised and your infrastructure is permanently protected. With fewer alerts, analysts are not overloaded and can focus solely on the alerts that matter, increasing efficiency.

Success story

Find out more about the long-standing partnership between e-Xpert and Trellix/McAfee

McAfee® Web Gateway is an essential protection measure for any organisation against the new malware threats. The solution uses an advanced security approach that combines powerful local intrusion analysis with cloud-based protection provided by McAfee Labs. This allows organisations to offer their employees secure access to the internet with peace of mind while significantly reducing risk.

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Future-orientated security solutions from ITcom Pro AG by Trellix

A strong partnership: With the diverse cybersecurity solutions from Trellix, IT Com Pro covers all important IT security aspects for its customers. Let Trellix’s proven solutions protect your infrastructure today! Reduce your economic and technical IT risks with ITcom Pro’s managed services.

The Living Security approach

Strengthen your security

When your security keeps pace with dynamic and malicious actors in terms of speed and adaptability, tomorrow’s threats become today’s protection. Trellix calls this “Living Security”.

Trellix has developed an XDR architecture that can be customised to your business, enabling greater resilience and agility…

Learning and adaptation

A living XDR ecosystem utilises the benefits of AI and ML to adaptively strengthen protection. This allows you to stay one step ahead of dynamic threats and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Native and open

The flexible and scalable platform with its open APIs integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies. This creates your own customised ecosystem that strengthens your security.

Competent and embedded

Trellix experts monitor and investigate threats and campaign activity to provide detailed and actionable data on threat actors and their behaviour.

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Analyst recognition

Trellix is:

  • Leader in the 2022 PeerSpot Extended Detection and Response (XDR) segment
  • Leader in the 2022 Gigaom Radar Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  • Challenger Omdia Universe Comprehensive XDR 2022
  • 95% of customers recommend Trellix on Gartner Peer Insights Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) market

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