Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-derived intelligence and insights to amplify the power of your customers’ cloud, security, and observability tools.

This powerful combination enables your customers to assure security and compliance governance, speed root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks, and lower the operation overhead associated with managing their hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructure.

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What does Gigamon offer?

Simplify, secure and scale your hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate digital innovation.

Analyst recognition

Gigamon Named 2023 Top InfoSec Innovator Awards’ Most Innovative Cloud Security Monitoring Vendor

Key Partnership Advantages

Gigamon goes beyond current security and observability approaches that rely exclusively on metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT) data. We extend the value of your cloud, security, and observability tools with real-time network intelligence and insights derived from packets, flows, and application metadata to deliver defense-in-depth and complete performance management across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

This allows you to shift to a proactive security posture by pinpointing threats and anomalies to mitigate exposure to risk and expedite troubleshooting.

Where has Gigamon seen success?

Why Infinigate for Gigamon?

Infinigate has the specialist cybersecurity skills and experience to deliver Gigamon solutions reliably, and at scale.

We spark your growth and boost your market share with:

  • Our relentless focus on your growth which helps our partners outpace the market
  • The right mix of human and digital support to win more deals and take solutions to market faster
  • Modular solutions and services that fill gaps in your in-house capabilities and open new revenue streams
  • Pan-EMEA presence and delivery capabilities with skilled EU experts present in local countries to support you