Your customers need effective, highly responsive technical support from day one to keep their critical operations online.

But you may face a range of challenges in terms of providing this, from skills gaps and resourcing issues, to lack of defined processes or required vendor accreditations.

With our fully vendor-accredited support services, you
can offer your customers total assurance for even the largest, most complex, and most critical networking, IT and security environments.

While vendor support contracts may focus on
a single OEM’s solutions, we can ‘triage’ across multi-vendor infrastructure to discover and resolve technical issues faster.

We can also be highly flexible about response times, ensuring your customers get the rapid help they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Whether you plan to eventually deliver support for
your end-customers using in house resources, or
if you decide to continue using Infinigate to support
your end customers long term, we can help you
to maximise commercial opportunities and deliver
consistently excellent customer experiences.

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