IRONSCALE’S Adaptive AI automatically learns and evolves to keep employees safe from email attacks.

Its combination of AI and human insights, coupled with its integration of crowdsourced threat intelligence data, makes it one of the most accurate and reliable platforms on the market.
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What does IRONSCALES offer?

Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES)

The IRONSCALES™ cloud-native, API-based email security platform is continuously learning, detecting, and remediating advanced threats at the mailbox level, before and after email delivery. A truly comprehensive email security solution empowers businesses to focus on the most important work instead of getting bogged down with complex solutions–or worse, suffering a phishing attack.

QR Code Attack Prevention

Defend against the escalating challenge of QR code and image-based phishing. IRONSCALES combines deep image-based detection with OCR, deep-text analysis, and image processing, enhanced by natural language models for comprehensive protection.

Generative AI Attack Protection

IRONSCALES Adaptive AI utilises natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology to identify signs of deception in content, analysing the urgency and formality of a message alongside numerous subjective indicators of malicious intent.

IRONSCALES Recognised by G2 in Email Security Winter 2024 Awards

IRONSCALES Recognised as Email Security Leader by the Channel Program

Key Partnership Advantages

Becoming an IRONSCALES partner with Infinigate UK allows partners to offer a solution that is not only easy to use and set up, but also simply manage and offer to customers of all sizes and levels of technical capability.

Partners stand to benefit from:
  • Guaranteed margins
  • Significant growth opportunities
  • Protected revenue

Why Infinigate for IRONSCALES?

Infinigate UK&I hold strong cloud capabilities for integrations, its unique go-to-market differentiation and global reach within the MSP and MSSP ecosystem where IRONSCALES see key opportunities.

Together, we offer a cost-effective risk protection for customers, thanks to the leading email security solution on the market.