Delivering verifiable trust in every action performed with your data

SecurEnvoy provides a cyber security solution which delivers verifiable trust and data protection to organisations worldwide. The SecurEnvoy Zero Trust Access Solution delivers a unique combination of trusted access management and data protection. Giving you the power to identify, control and protect any user, any data, on any device, wherever the location.

A true innovator, SecurEnvoy has been at the forefront of secure access management for two decades, with thousands of customers worldwide and a strong team of technical experts providing outstanding innovation and support. In 2003, SecurEnvoy brought the first-ever tokenless two-factor authentication product to market and continue to innovate and lead today with their Zero Trust Access solution comprising of advanced authentication and rapid, automated data discovery.

What does SecurEnvoy offer?

SecurEnvoy’s Zero Trust Access Solution is designed to meet the business initiatives your customers are focused on. Learn how SecurEnvoy solutions offer security and peace of mind.

  • Access Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SSPR
  • Data Discovery

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Key Partnership Advantages

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  • Comprehensive pre and post sales technical support
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