Netscout is active in the field of smart data

This means that precise, real-time information is extracted from large volumes of data. The company quickly captures the data that matters to you and your systems.

It also provides the real-time information you need to drive network and application performance, deliver an unrivalled user experience and identify and remediate the latest cyber and DDoS threats.

Despite today’s dynamic threat landscape, many organisations still believe that dedicated DDoS protection is not important – or that an outdated solution provides sufficient security. In such cases, your customers are putting their own network at risk.

Netscout is a global provider in the field of network security. This technology is used in around 70 per cent of service provider networks worldwide and by 90 per cent of Tier 1 operators. Netscout has extensive knowledge and years of experience in protecting the world’s leading service providers. Based on this, the company has developed a range of solutions that can be used in both small companies and large corporations.

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A modern solution for a constantly changing threat environment

Netscout solutions include: DDoS protection – protection solutions proven in the world’s most demanding networks.

Advanced Threats – for network-wide situational awareness, comprehensive and in-depth transparency and dynamic security information.

Network visibility – intelligent data analysis from across the network enables organisations to detect threats, improve traffic engineering, provide business insights and optimise service performance.

Global intelligent traffic – a collaborative project with more than 330 ISP customers sharing hundreds of terabytes of anonymous traffic per second. From this particular perspective, Netscout is ideally positioned to provide threat intelligence.

Access to Netscout technology is provided through various managed services – in the cloud, on-premise and as virtualised solutions – which guarantee your customers a high degree of deployment flexibility.

Why Infinigate for Netscout?

Infinigate offers the technical sales and solution design experience needed to help you deliver Netscout solutions to your end customers quickly and at scale.

We are an EMEA cybersecurity distribution powerhouse, specialising in high-demand cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud technologies and services.

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