VPN hardly supports modern working.

Decide in favour of ZTNA.

Traditional VPNs no longer fulfil the security requirements of today’s digital landscape. Find out why Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a secure, efficient and user-friendly alternative. The solution brief provides a concise overview of the benefits of ZTNA over VPN and helps your organisation make an informed decision to switch to ZTNA.

Important insights into the superiority of ZTNA

The digital working world is certainly evolving – and so should your security.

VPN: A security problem

80% use VPNs, but 74% doubt their protective effect*.

VPN: No longer up to date

63% of companies currently working with VPN are planning to switch to a ZTNA solution in the near future.*

ZTNA: Minimised attack surface

ZTNA grants access according to the least privilege principle and thus reduces potential threats.

ZTNA: Improved user experience

ZTNA offers seamless access, which reduces latency and complexity.

*Gartner Peer Insights, Studie ZTNA für hybride Arbeitsumgebungen

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