die Next-Generation Firewall

Cyber criminals today are particularly subtle and inconspicuous. To stop them, you need
a comprehensive, integrated solution that combines malware analysis, encrypted traffic scanning, cloud app security
traffic, cloud app security and reputation services at a budget-friendly price.
supported. Powered by SonicOS – the revolutionary new SonicWall operating system
the latest generation of SonicWall firewalls offer the industry’s best performance, high port density
high port density and other features you’d pay more for with any other vendor.

Why upgrade to Gen 7?

Gen 5 and Gen 6 are in retirement mode

Gen 5 is in Limited Retirement Mode (LRM). This means that we will not be developing or releasing any further firmware updates or new features for Gen 5 products. Gen 6 is in Active Retirement Mode (ARM). This means that we are no longer actively producing or selling Gen 6 products.

Secure Upgrade-Programm

When you trade in your old SonicWall device, you will receive special pricing and subscription options for a newer replacement product.

More security for the future

Gen 7 has additional security features such as TLS 1.3, DNS filtering and secure SD-WAN.

Cloud-based management, analysis and reporting functions as well as Network Security Manager (NSM)

With Gen 7, Advanced Edition customers benefit from cloud-based centralised management and reporting for all SonicWall firewalls, switches and access points.

Future innovations and investments

SonicWall has already put a lot of work and effort into improving SonicOS and NSM and will continue to invest heavily in future releases to drive innovation.

Performance and capacity

Gen 7 comes with 3 times better threat detection, HTTP/SSL and DPI performance than Gen 6, while supporting significantly more connections (ideal for high-growth organisations).

Promotions – 3 & Free

Available until December 2023

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