Vendor Starter Packages

As part of its Value Added Services, Infinigate TechServices offers “starter packages” for various products.

This service offer is aimed at partners who have sold a new solution to an end customer but do not have the resources to install it themselves. It is intended to ensure that the end customer nevertheless receives a proper installation and thus achieves the best possible user experience.

After discussing the details of the desired scope of the order by telephone, the solution will be installed remotely, including its basic configuration and provision on a limited number of test clients, as well as a brief introduction of the end customer to the administration of the solution. In addition, the starter package includes one hour of Customer Direct Support to answer open questions within the first four weeks after installation.

In the present performance specification, the corresponding possibilities, prerequisites and expected results are documented.

For further questions or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your request now. We look forward to you.