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As a leading cloud security and backup provider, Hornetsecurity secures email communication, ensures business continuity, prevents data loss and helps companies of all sizes comply with regulations so they can focus on their business. The award-winning product portfolio covers all important areas of email security. These include spam and virus filtering, phishing and ransomware protection, compliant archiving and encryption, and backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Windows endpoints and virtual machines. Hornetsecurity’s cloud security services are immediately active after a quick onboarding and require no additional software, hardware or maintenance by in-house IT experts. In addition, Hornetsecurity is characterised by a high level of user-friendliness, simple administration and a high degree of transparency and control.

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Office 365 – Bundle Overview

365 Total Protection is the only solution on the market that covers all aspects of security, compliance and backup for Microsoft 365. Customers can choose from a range of services to suit their business needs and benefit from state-of-the-art email security that protects against spam, viruses, phishing and ransomware and offers email signatures and disclaimers. Businesses can also add Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which protects employees from the most sophisticated email attacks, as well as automated email continuity to prevent unexpected downtime, and compliant email archiving. In addition, customers can opt for endpoint and Microsoft 365 data backup and recovery across mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. The customised integration of 365 Total Protection in Microsoft 365 simplifies the entire process: from registration and setup to the management of functions and users. The central console offers the perfect mix of data protection and user-friendliness.

Microsoft 365 is an impressive tool. However, with its countless configuration options, it can also present many an admin with challenges. The new eBook not only provides a detailed overview of the suites on offer, but also refers you to other sources where you can find out more about the applications that are most important for your company.

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365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup

With 365 Total Backup, you benefit from a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries and endpoints (end devices such as laptop, desktop, etc.). Thanks to the simple configuration, you can easily backup, manage and restore all of your company’s Microsoft 365 data – simply and automatically.

  • Fully comprehensive email security and data protection for Microsoft 365
  • AI-based real-time protection against sophisticated attacks
  • Built-in backup and recovery features for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive, SharePoint and Windows-based endpoints
  • The only solution that covers every aspect of Microsoft 365 security you need

365 Total Protection

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection – specifically designed for Microsoft Office 365 – adds deep protection to your customers’ Microsoft Services. Users of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials are comprehensively protected in their communication, so that sensitive company data remains secure. The automatic e-mail archiving of incoming and outgoing emails is DSGVO- and GDPdU-compliant. All domains, mailboxes and groups of a customer are transferred directly from Office 365 to the Hornetsecurity Control Panel – the setup is automated.

  • Microsoft does not back up and restore Microsoft 365 mailboxes and files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint document libraries.
  • Users are responsible for configuring their own data security and compliance requirements.

This includes: 

  • Data classification and user access management
  • Data security and backups
  • End device management

365 Total Backup

Because Microsoft 365 is a communications system and not a data protection product, it does not include native options for backing up and restoring data. This means that the business, not Microsoft, is responsible for protecting against all types of Microsoft 365 data loss caused by malware, human error, malicious users or system failures. With Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Backup, customers can relax and automatically back up and restore M365 user and group mailboxes, Teams Chats, SharePoint document libraries, OneDrive business accounts and files on Windows-based endpoints.

365 Permission Manager

365 Permission Manager provides a convenient and easy-to-use interface for M365 administrators to get a comprehensive view of permissions and whether items are shared with others, helping them better protect sensitive information. M365 administrators can use it to define compliance policies for sharing sites, files and folders in Microsoft 365, monitor the status of policy compliance and audit policy violations – helping organisations ensure compliance with internal and external regulations and policies.

Features of 365 Permission Manager

  • The dashboard gives you an overview of the compliance status of SharePoint sites and shows you important sharing permissions at a glance
  • Perform bulk actions to manage permissions on a large scale
  • Use Quick Actions to correct permissions for multiple sites at once
  • Assign best practice policies or create custom compliance policies for SharePoint sites, Teams or OneDrive accounts
  • Receive alerts for critical shares or policy violations
  • Audit function gives you the ability to approve or reject policy violations

Security & Compliance for other mail servers

Spam and Malware Protection

Spam and Malware Protection from Hornetsecurity guarantees the highest detection rates on the market with 99.9% spam detection and 99.9% virus detection. The multi-level filtering systems block the majority of spam and phishing emails before they reach the user’s inbox.

Features of Spam and Malware Protection

  • Malware filters that are always up to date
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically scanned for malicious URL
  • Unwanted attachments can be rejected or quarantined
  • Outgoing emails are checked for spam and viruses to prevent the customer from unintentionally sending or forwarding malware and spam emails

Advanced Threat Protection

With Advanced Threat Protection, Hornetsecurity protects companies against targeted and individual attacks via email: Ransomware attacks (e.g. from TrickBot or Ryuk), spear phishing, CEO fraud, phishing emails and blended attacks. In addition to industry-standard detection measures such as sandboxing and URL rewriting, Hornetsecurity also relies on high-value engines such as URL scanning, freezing, decryption of malicious documents and AI-based detection mechanisms such as Targeted Fraud Forensics.

Features of Advanced Threat Protection

  • AI-based Targeted Fraud Forensics: Protection against sophisticated social engineering attacks such as CEO fraud and spear phishing
  • Mailious Document Decryption: Detects and blocks malware in encrypted files
  • Real Time Alerts: Real time threat monitoring
  • Comprehensive threat analysis through sandbox engine: Qakbot, BazarLoader and Clop cannot infiltrate

E-Mail Encryption

Email Encryption by Hornetsecurity protects a company’s email traffic from access by unauthorised third parties. Depending on the selected policy and the availability of corresponding certificates, outgoing emails are automatically encrypted via one of the common encryption technologies (PGP, S/MIME or TLS). Hornetsecurity takes over the complete certificate management for the customer.

Features of Email Encryption

  • Support for all common encryption technologies
  • Test option for encryption suitability
  • Automatic certificate management and key storage
  • Individual set-up and definition of encryption policies
  • Confidential communication via Websafe if the recipient cannot receive encrypted emails

E-Mail Continuity Service

A failure of the email infrastructure can have drastic consequences for companies, such as the loss of important emails, loss of productivity or even the closure of the company. The Hornetsecurity Continuity Service offers a stand-by system that can be activated within seconds so that employees can continue to communicate smoothly.

Features of Email Continuity Service

  • No interruption: automatic takeover in case of failure of the actual email server
  • Continuous access to e-mails with Hornetsecurity Webmailer
  • Backup of mail traffic: deleted or lost emails can be restored via automatic storage of mail traffic (for 90 days)
  • Automatic data synchronisation: The continuity service automatically supplies missing emails by comparing undelivered and existing emails
  • Selective use: Activation for individual email addresses

E-Mail Archiving

Effortless email archiving is made possible by Hornetsecurity Archiving. Companies can store their emails in an audit-proof and legally compliant manner in local and secure data centres. The service automatically archives incoming and outgoing emails for years as they arrive or leave the company: verifiably unchanged and unalterable. Emails can also be searched for via the Hornetsecurity Control Panel and redelivered at the touch of a button.

Features of Email Archiving

  •  Full text index: All archived emails are fully indexed, drastically reducing search time
  • In many jurisdictions, an email archive must be accessible to an external auditor at all times. For this purpose, (time-limited) audit access is available, granting the auditor extended read rights to the archived emails of a specific domain. When the audit is completed, the administrators have access to the audit log to track what data has been viewed
  • The archived data can be easily exported at any time
  • Import function: emails and their attachments can be imported from other databases into the Hornetsecurity e-mail archive
  • Exclusion of individual users from archiving (e.g. works council)
  • Marking of private mails by users
  • Flexible retention periods: configure the archiving period of emails between 6 months and 10 years

Signature and Disclaimer

With Hornetsecurity’s Signature and Disclaimer, uniform and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers can be created quickly and easily for the entire company. The WYSIWYG editor provides users with an import function for HTML disclaimers, which greatly simplifies the creation process. Signature and Disclaimer also simplifies and ensures regulatory compliance across the organisation.

Features of Signature and Disclaimer

  • Simple and flexible design via the WYSIWYG editor
  • Automatic daily backup and storage of all emails
  • HTML source code import of existing signatures
  • Mobile-optimised display
  • Define and automate: Active Directory integration allows the creation of custom signatures and disclaimers for each user. Changes to contact details or job titles are automatically adjusted in the signature

With, Hornetsecurity offers a standalone collaboration environment consisting of a mailbox, calendar and address book. With multiple layers of security and AI-based analytics, users enjoy maximum protection against spam, phishing, ransomware and other sophisticated cyber threats. can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with Microsoft 365. The starter package includes the cloud-based platform and Spam and Malware Protection from Hornetsecurity. With the Enterprise package, customers can also benefit from Advanced Threat Protection, email encryption and archiving.

Features of

  • Synchronisation across all devices
  • Automatic daily backup and storage of all emails
  • Collaborative working: supports various calendar and task formats
  • Authorised users can maintain their own allow and deny lists

Web Filter

Hornetsecurity Next Generation Web Filter reliably blocks dangerous websites and malicious file downloads. In addition, corporate policies on internet use can be easily implemented.

Features of Next Generation Web Filters

  • Suspicious or unknown websites are thoroughly investigated using static and dynamic analysis methods.
  • The integrated ad blocker prevents the display of advertising.
  • Any tracking, e.g. for marketing purposes, can be blocked

VM Backup

VM Backup is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use backup and replication solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VM) and physical Windows servers that prevents the loss of corporate data. Thanks to Augmented Inline Deduplication, storage requirements for backups are reduced by up to 65 percent and backup and recovery speed is drastically improved.

10 unbeatable reasons to choose VM Backup:

  • Ransomware protection through Immutable Cloud Storage
  • Massive storage space savings – up to 65 percent – thanks to Augmented Inline Deduplication
  • WAN-optimised replication
  • Install the software and create your first VM backup in less than 15 minutes
  • Centralised backup management via an easy-to-use web interface
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Robust long-term data storage
  • Multiple restore options: Users can restore individual files or entire VM. Restores to other hosts and as a clone are also possible.
  • Outstanding 24/7 support
  • Seamless cloud backup to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 or Wasabi

Security Awareness Service

The Security Awareness Service trains your staff through realistic spear phishing simulations and AI-powered e-training, raising awareness of cyber security risks and threats. You effectively learn how to protect yourself and your business. Fully automated and easy to use.

Features of Security Awareness Service

  • Patented spear phishing engine generates sophisticated and individual spear phishing scenarios fully automatically
  • Demand-oriented e-training with the Awareness Engine
  • Low effort for training administrators due to fully automated and continuous service
  • The Employee Security Index (ESI®) – Awareness Benchmark automatically measures the security behaviour of employees
  • Security Hub with central access to all learning content

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