Hornetsecurity E-Mail Security Bundle

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Spam & Malware Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Signature and Disclaimer, E-Mail Archiving, E-Mail Encryption and Continuity Service.

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All-in-one protection for Microsoft 365

Hornetsecurity is a leading email cloud security and backup provider that protects companies and organisations of all sizes worldwide. The award-winning product portfolio covers all key areas of email security. The flagship product is the market’s most comprehensive cloud security solution for Microsoft 365. With over 350 employees at 10 locations, the Hanover-based company has an international network of more than 5,000 channel partners and MSPs as well as 11 redundant, secure data centres. The premium services are used by more than 50,000 customers, including Swisscom, Telefónica, KONICA MINOLTA, LVM Versicherung, DEKRA and CLAAS

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Hornetsecurity Portfolio

Office 365 – Bundle

365 Total Protection is the only solution on the market that covers all aspects of security, compliance and backup for Microsoft 365. Customers can choose from a range of services to suit their business needs and benefit from state-of-the-art email security that protects against spam, viruses, phishing and ransomware and offers email signatures and disclaimers.

365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup

With 365 Total Backup, you benefit from a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams chats, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries and endpoints (end devices such as laptops, desktops, etc.).

365 Total Protection

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection – specially developed for Microsoft Office 365 – extends your customers’ Microsoft services with in-depth protection. Users of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials are comprehensively protected in their communications so that sensitive company data remains secure.

365 Total Backup

As Microsoft 365 is a communication system and not a data protection product, it does not contain any native options for backing up and restoring data.

365 Permission Manager

365 Permission Manager provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for M365 administrators to get a comprehensive overview of permissions and whether items are shared with others, helping them to better protect sensitive information.

Spam and Malware Protection

Spam and Malware Protection from Hornetsecurity guarantees the highest detection rates on the market with 99.9% spam detection and 99.9% virus detection. The multi-level filter systems block the majority of spam and phishing emails before they even reach the user’s inbox.

Advanced Threat Protection

With Advanced Threat Protection, Hornetsecurity protects companies against targeted and individual attacks via email: Ransomware attacks (e.g. from TrickBot or Ryuk), spear phishing, CEO fraud, phishing emails and blended attacks.

E-Mail Encryption

E-Mail Encryption from Hornetsecurity protects a company’s e-mail traffic from access by unauthorised third parties. Depending on the selected policy and the availability of corresponding certificates, outgoing emails are automatically encrypted using one of the common encryption technologies (PGP, S/MIME or TLS).

E-Mail Continuity Service

A failure of the email infrastructure can have drastic consequences for companies, such as the loss of important emails, loss of productivity or even the closure of the company.

E-Mail Archiving

Effortless email archiving is made possible by Hornetsecurity Archiving. Companies can store their emails in an audit-proof and legally compliant manner in local and secure data centres.

Signature and Disclaimer

With Hornetsecurity’s Signature and Disclaimer, standardised and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers can be created quickly and easily for the entire company.


With Hornet.email, Hornetsecurity offers a standalone collaboration environment consisting of a mailbox, calendar and address book. Thanks to multiple layers of security and AI-based analyses, Hornet.email users enjoy maximum protection against spam, phishing, ransomware and other sophisticated cyber threats.

Web Filter

The Hornetsecurity Next Generation Web Filter reliably blocks dangerous websites and malicious file downloads. In addition, company guidelines on Internet use can be easily implemented.

VM Backup

VM Backup is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use backup and replication solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VMs) and physical Windows servers that prevents the loss of company data.

Security Awareness Service

The Security Awareness Service trains your employees through realistic spear phishing simulations and AI-supported e-training, raising awareness of cyber security risks and threats.

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