Better security in the cloud does not necessarily require a higher budget

Make better use of existing financial resources! It is often difficult to optimise your own IT security with the existing, partly classic solutions. In addition, there is the increasing digitalisation and shifting of services to the cloud. To be able to implement savings and optimisations here, you have to be a true expert. Bringing the classic infrastructures together with the new possibilities such as the cloud under one hat increases the pressure on the IT security teams of companies even more.

Gartner recently predicted that while general IT budgets will decrease in 2023, spending on cybersecurity and network risk management will increase by 11.3%. This is partly due to the increasing adoption of cloud solutions during the pandemic. Remote and hybrid working models are now an integral part of the work culture.

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Scaling options in the cloud

Companies that were initially very sceptical about the cloud have now massively increased their activities in the cloud or even outsourced almost their entire IT to the cloud. Depending on the use, this can lead to cost savings, but also to higher costs in the case of massive and extremely flexible use. To secure your activities in the cloud, it is therefore best to have a multifunctional solution that adapts to your needs.

The CloudSec solution from the specialist Rapid7 is just such a solution. This allows you to implement higher IT security with fewer different IT security solutions. What should you pay attention to?

Focus on the relevant use cases:

What type of cloud security (CSPM, CWPP, etc.) do you need?

Check exactly WHAT you need to protect, how far your existing perimeters extend and what type of cloud security you need. Rapid7’s InsightCloudSec is a unified platform that spans multiple use cases and types of cloud security.

Determine the potential costs and prove the value of your IT security

Once you have determined what cloud security you need and what solutions are available, you need to plan security budgets with those responsible. Not only should you consider the cost of the annual subscription, but you should also consider cost savings if the right cloud security solution can help you make significant savings in setting up additional cloud environments and controlling existing cloud environments.

Do you want to rely on different individual solutions and do you prefer one specialist for different areas of application?

Individual solutions always have the disadvantage that they have to be adapted to each other and entail a great deal of administrative effort. A complete one-size-fits-all solution does not currently exist on the market. But you can choose a provider like Rapid7, which offers a whole suite of solutions with broadly diversified functions. So you have one provider and one contact person who can take care of your vulnerability and risk management in your hybrid networks as a long-time specialist.


Rapid7 InsightVM, InsightAppSec und InsightIDR sind auch als Managed Service verfügbar, sodass Sie Ihr Team entlasten können. 

Das Rapid7 Managed Services-Team kann Sie einem gut funktionierenden und sich ständig weiterentwickelnden Programm einen Schritt näher bringen, ohne dass Sie dafür Personal einstellen müssen. 

Die Rapid7-Experten bringen Ihr Sicherheitsprogramm schnell zum Laufen, indem sie die üblichen Vorgänge der Incident Detection & Response, des Schwachstellen-Managements und der Application Security für Sie erledigen. 

Das Managed Services-Team bietet regelmässige Bewertungen und präzise Reports, die höhere Produktivität ermöglichen und Ihnen Zeit und Geld sparen.

Managed Services Bundels von Rapid7

24×7 Threat Monitoring und unlimited Incident Response durch Experten


  • Komplette Transparenz mit Zugriff auf die InsightIDR Ultimate Plattform / Rapid7 XDR Plattform
  • Detection Content Service durch die Rapid7 Threat Engine
  • 24×7 Threat Monitoring
  • Automatisierung von Active Response
  • Umfangreiche Reports
  • Risikomanagement durch Rapid7 Schwachstellenmanagement InsightVM

Umfangreiche Threat Detection & Response für moderne Umgebungen


  • Alle Leistungen der Managed Threat Complete (MTC) Essential Version zuzüglich:
  • Dedizierter Customer Advisor
  • Monatliche Service Meetings
  • Unterstützung bei der IR Planung
  • Kundenspezifiische vierteljährliche Executive Reports

Eine holistische Sicherheitsübersicht und Ransomware-Abdeckung


  • Alle Leistungen der Managed Threat Complete (MTC) Advanced Version zuzüglich:
  • Managed Vulnerability Management
  • Managed Digital Risk Protection (MDRP = Managed TI)
  • Gehostete VelociRaptor Integration Ransomware Prevention

*From Q2 2024 Managed Digital Risk Protection also available for MTC Essential, MTC Advanced and MDR as an add-on.



User Behavior Analytics & SIEM

InsightIDR Was XDR Before XDR Was a Thing

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Cloud and Integrations
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Embedded Threat Intelligence
  • MITRE ATT&CK Alignment
  • Deception Technology
  • Incident Response and Investigations
  • Response and Automation


Security Orchestration and Automation

Go Easier on Your Analysts with Automation

  • Automate Incident Response
  • Integrate IT and Security Systems
  • Accelerate Vulnerability Management
  • Simplify Human Decisioning


Application Security

Efficiently Reduce Risk in Modern Web Applications

  • The Universal Translator
  • 95+ Attack Types, Attack Replay
  • Powerful Reporting for Compliance and Remediation
  • Cloud and On-Premises Scan Engines
  • Scan Scheduling and Blackouts


Vulnerability Management

Discover and Remediate Risks with Clarity

  • Lightweight Endpoint Agent
  • Live Dashboards
  • Real Risk Prioritization
  • IT-Integrated Remediation Projects
  • Attack Surface Monitoring with Project Sonar
  • Integrated Threat Feeds
  • Goals and SLAs
  • Easy-to-Use RESTful API
  • Policy Assessment


Cloud Security

Eliminate Cloud Risk. Automate Compliance.

  • Real-Time Visibility Across Clouds
  • Context-Driven Risk Management
  • Cloud Compliance Management
  • Agentless Vulnerability Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security
  • Automation and Real-Time Remediation
  • Kubernetes Security Guardrails
  • Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)
  • Cloud Hygiene and Cost Containment
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Analyst recognition

Rapid7 is a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

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