cyber security

Delivering cybersecurity solutions and services is in our DNA

Today, your customers’ IT and networking infrastructure is everywhere – in their office, in the datacentre, in the cloud, and on end-users’ endpoint devices in their homes and in their pockets.

At the same time, internet-connected devices are also multiplying, from PCs and mobile devices, to network-connected cameras, smart building management devices, and other types of sensors – all presenting cybercriminals with new potential ways into the network.

In view of the growing attack surface for most organisations, the demand for cybersecurity solutions is reaching new highs. So much so, that cybersecurity investments are expected to grow by 13% in 2023 according to Canalys forecasts.  

This presents major opportunities for IT providers who can deliver the secure networking, cloud, and endpoint solutions that companies across all sectors urgently need – and Infinigate can help.  

With decades of experience, we can help you deliver end-to-end security solutions for your customers that protect their mission critical systems and data across their on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructure, applications and data.  

Our end-to-end Cybersecurity portfolio includes

End-Point Security  

To ensure that all devices, users and data are safe at all times, and in all locations, enterprises are investing heavily in End-Point Security solutions.

These ensure that security policies and updates are distributed to remote endpoints in such a way that cybersecurity risks are minimised.

Our industry leading EDR solution is your path to full participation in this fast-growing market.

Our cloud-based technology means you can start delivering End Point protection for your customers immediately, and spark your growth faster.

Identity & Access management 

With fraud increasing across sectors and types of businesses, it is critical that only authorised employees and customers access sensitive information and data.

This is driving major investments in Identity & Access Management technologies – and we can help you seize the commercial opportunities.

Our Identity & Access Management solutions use a range of data sources – from device IDs and locations, to two-factor authentication technologies – to minimise the risk of fraudulent access or other kinds of data breaches.

We also host our solutions in the cloud enabling you to bring Identity & Access Management solutions online for your customers faster – and to accelerate your time to revenues.

Identity & Access Management solutions provide a number of key benefits for your customers.

  1. Enhanced security
    We can help your customers ensure that only authorised users access corporate resources, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.
  2. Improved compliance
    Our solutions allow your customers to monitor and track access to systems and data, which is a key requirement for compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other regulations.
  3. Increased efficiency
    Our solutions deliver time and cost savings for your customers by automating processes such as managing passwords and permissions.
  4. Scalability
    Our solutions help organisations to manage identity and access cost effectively at scale.

Content Security  

All organisations need content security to ensure that their sensitive data – including personal data, financial data and intellectual property – is kept safe and secure.

Content security encompasses a variety of technologies and processes that help to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of content across their network and systems.

We work with the best vendors in this space to optimise content protection for your end customers – while also creating major new revenue opportunities for your business.

Our content security solutions help to restrict access to sensitive data and prevent it from being accessed by unauthorised individuals or malicious software.

One way we achieve this is by blocking malware and virus threats, which typically enter the system when users download bad files or open email attachments.

In all cases, our content security solutions block or restrict access to potentially harmful content, minimising the risk of malware and virus infections and helping your end customers protect their sensitive data.

Security Vulnerability Management 

Most malware today exploits a vulnerability in a networked program or device. Understanding where these vulnerabilities are is, therefore, critical to maintaining a healthy network.

This kind of protection is enabled by Security Vulnerability Management solutions. These help organisations to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities and security gaps in their systems before they can be exploited by attackers.

Security Vulnerability Management involves a number of processes, including vulnerability detection, assessment, prioritization and remediation.

We work with leading vendors to help your customers maximise their Security Vulnerability Management capabilities.

In doing so, we help them secure their networks, establish points of risk, and determine the best defence in each case.

Our Security Vulnerability Management solutions can also help your customers to meet their compliance requirements – such as the GDPR – by allowing them to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities.

Our Security Vulnerability Management solutions include:

  • Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • WAN and Application Optimisation
  • Wireless Security
  • VOIP Security

Other Infinigate technologies

Secure cloud

Your customers’ ‘rush to the cloud’ doesn’t need to imply security or cost risk. You can help them define and roll out multi-cloud strategies that are secure and fit for purpose and grow your cloud revenues with our secure technologies.

Secure networks

Give your customers even more network intelligence, automation, and efficiency and grow your revenues with our secure, AI-driven networking solutions and decades of delivery experience.