In the modern enterprise, huge volumes of data flow between on-premises infrastructure, the datacentre, cloud platforms, cloud-hosted applications and end-user endpoints.

With a more distributed environment, more complexity, and more devices outside the corporate firewall than ever, your end customers need secure networking solutions that protect their critical systems and data, 24x6x365.

With Infinigate, you can help your customers secure their network connections – from the office to the end user, and everywhere in between.

Not only that, but you can help them build and deploy intelligent networks that use AI-powered technologies to automate network troubleshooting and fault resolution – providing even better experiences for end users. 

 By steering your end customers on their secure networking journey with Infinigate, you can build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with them.

You can also open a host of new revenue opportunities related to network deployment, optimisation, operations, and support – helping you grow your business today and in the future.  

Our end-to-end Secure networks portfolio includes

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Intelligent Wi-Fi

The latest generation of Wi-Fi access points and software solutions assign bandwidth to devices and apps dynamically to optimise network performance and reliability, and to assure end user experiences.

Not only that, but next-generation applications – such as location-based services – can be deployed quickly and easily on intelligent Wi-Fi networks to help customers find their way around large sites, to track equipment and goods to improve operational performance.

Added to these benefits, Intelligent Wi-Fi networks from Infinigate and our partners support automated network management and troubleshooting for more efficiency, more uptime, and consistently excellent end user experiences.

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AI-Driven Networks

AI-Driven networks use insights from network telemetry data to automate troubleshooting and fault remediation, ensuring that network issues are identified and addressed before they negatively impact end users.

Additionally, resources are allocated and utilised in the optimal way to ensure consistently excellent application performance and end-customer experiences.

With the ability to analyse and address networking issues automatically, AI-Driven Networks reduce network incidents, helpdesk tickets and site visits. All of this contributes to improved network resilience, performance and uptime – as well as reducing manual workloads and related costs.

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Performance Visibility

Infinigate provides Network Performance Visibility solutions that give end customers awareness of every component across all layers of their networks.

This supports real-time analysis and understanding of traffic flows, resource utilisation by application or service, application performance, and other key aspects of network operations.

It also becomes far easier to locate vulnerabilities and misconfiguration across the network, helping to ensure that end-user experiences are optimised and that critical systems and data are protected against cyberthreats.

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Network Management

The latest generation of Network Management solutions from Infinigate vendors support a unified approach to managing network infrastructure, and for provisioning and turning up new services – all through a ‘single pane of glass’ interface.

The best solutions of this kind support network and service management across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure, with a single set of tools and a seamless experience for network administrators.

As Network Management solutions become ever more advanced, manual network management and monitoring tasks are also being built into the network itself. This supports features such as automated optimisation for traffic routing and resource allocation, and automated service provisioning based on orchestration of network equipment across multiple layers.

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Network Infrastructure

Through Infinigate, and our vendor community, organisations can source and roll out end-to-end network infrastructure that supports their corporate systems, end-users and devices.

The latest generation of network infrastructure offers extremely high levels of performance and scalability, as well as offering the opportunity to orchestrate and automate network management, monitoring and troubleshooting activities with AI-driven software technologies.

Increasingly, network infrastructure is also engineered for super-high ‘density’ to reduce space requirements, minimise energy use for powering devices and for power and cooling, and – ultimately – to support customers’ environmental commitments.

Other Infinigate technologies


Give your customers total peace of mind that their mission-critical systems and data are protected – 24x7x365 with our cybersecurity solutions, which span networks, datacentre infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, endpoints, and everything in between.

Secure cloud

Your customers’ ‘rush to the cloud’ doesn’t need to imply security or cost risk. You can help them define and roll out multi-cloud strategies that are secure and fit for purpose and grow your cloud revenues with our secure technologies.