Cato provides secure network connectivity and services all over the world – typically within 25km of your customers’ sites. The company delivers secure global network connectivity ‘as a service’ using Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology – which combines flexible software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) with end-to-end cybersecurity features.

The company’s global private network backbone delivers end-to-end route optimisation for WAN and cloud traffic, and a self-healing architecture for maximum service uptime. They can offer your customers connectivity that is superior to the unpredictable public Internet, and more affordable than global MPLS and other legacy architectures.

Hear why Cato Networks chose Infinigate as sole UK distributor

What does Cato offer?

Cato provides excellent networking performance and reliability between your customers’ global locations, direct and secure internet access for all locations and users, and fast and secure access to cloud infrastructure and services.

Analyst recognition

Cato has been recognised no fewer than 13 times by Gartner in diverse reports and guides. Including Gartner’s Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE, Managed SD-WAN Services, and Virtual Private Networks.

Key Partnership Advantages

For Infinigate partners, Cato’s SASE proposition – converging SD-WAN and security into a global cloud-native service – enables you to create new revenue opportunities while minimising friction with customers’ existing environments and the load on their own IT infrastructure and support teams.

End customers benefit with the ability to:

  • Easily migrate from MPLS to Cato’s affordable backbone with end-to-end network optimisation
  • Improve performance between global locations using Cato’s affordable private backbone (v’s unpredictable Internet or costly global MPLS)
  • Provide direct, secure internet access to all branch locations and mobile users with built-in security as a service and without deploying security point solutions
  • Optimise and secure cloud access with agentless cloud integration and global private backbone by any user, and from anywhere and without using premium cloud connectivity solutions like AWS DirectConnect and Microsoft ExpressRoute.
  • Optimise and secure mobile users access with Cato client or clientless access options to physical and cloud datacentres and cloud applications.

Where has Cato seen success?

Why Infinigate for Cato?

Commercial Support:

Our dedicated team of Cato experts are on hand for all quoting enquiries, ensuring prompt and tailored assistance for all your inquiries.

Pre-sales Excellence:

At Infinigate, our in-house Cato accredited team are equipped to provide comprehensive support for your pre-sales needs. From assisting with end-user scoping and qualification calls to orchestrating partner and end-user technical workshops, we are here to facilitate a seamless POC (Proof of Concept) process.

Technical Empowerment Program:

Our initiative focuses on empowering partners to achieve technical proficiency and independence. Upon successful completion of this program, partners then have their own dedicated lab environment, enabling them to seamlessly conduct Proof of Concepts (POCs). Equipped with technical accreditation and a deep understanding, partners are well-positioned to provide expert advice to end customers, guiding them towards optimal Connectivity and Security postures.

Strategic Enablement:

Our cohesive Business Development (BDM) team is dedicated to delivering impactful Sales Enablement sessions and comprehensive Cato overviews. We actively support Sales and Marketing campaigns, participate in events, and collaborate with sales teams to map prospects effectively. Serving as the primary point of contact across the Partner landscape, we are committed to promoting Cato and actively contributing to pipeline growth.


All Cato Networks partners will have an assigned assigned marketing manager to support your Cato marketing strategy and demand generation campaigns.

  • Results driven marketing planning
  • Leverage Infinigate tools and Cato content
  • MDF request support
  • An extension of your marketing team
  • Marketing Menu of activity to choose from
  • Bespoke campaign support