ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage is designed for fast backup and restore, whilst ensuring a good copy of data is secured in the event of a malicious attack. Architected for a 6-hour fixed-length backup window, ExaGrid will grow as your data grows, controlling both upfront cost and cost over time.

What does ExaGrid offer?

With ExaGrid’s unique approach to backup storage, businesses can benefit from faster backup and recovery times, lower storage costs, easily scalable backup infrastructure and simplified management of their backup infrastructure.


Key Partnership Advantages

Deal Registration

  • One deal registration per customer
  • Strong margin
  • Cannot lose to another ExaGrid reseller
  • ExaGrid never takes a reseller deal direct
  • Partners become the incumbent for any future upgrades/renewals

75% Competitive Win Rate

  • Best product, with the best support, competitively priced
  • Product just works
  • Strong customer support with extremely happy customers
  • Thousands of reference customers