Nokia are a B2B technology innovation leader in networking, bringing together the world’s people, machines and devices to realise the potential of digital in every industry.

Two happy professional business people workers using digital tablet in office.

What does Nokia offer?

Analyst recognition

TM Forum Excellence Award in IT Agility Finalist – China Mobile

TM Forum Excellence Award in Service People & Planet Finalist – Telefonica Germany

TM Forum Excellence Award in Customer Experience Finalist – STC

Key Partnership Advantages

  • 155+ years in business
  • 10 Nobel prizes
  • 6000+ patent families declared essential to 5G
  • ~130 countries with a Nokia presence
  • €24.9bn net sales in 2022
  • €22bn+ invested in R&D since 2017

Why Infinigate for Nokia?

Our partnership marked an important step in the go-to-market diversification at Nokia, extending channel and value added distribution, to help expand the company’s footprint in the enterprise and mid-market space across EMEA.

Infinigate provides Nokia with access to a wide network of partners experienced in communications and networking across the EMEA region, and Nokia has a unique place in the connected world, with a range of exceptional products.

Through mutual investment, Infinigate offers market-leading support to our partners looking to grow their Nokia business.