Virtana VirtualWisdom

The VirtualWisdom hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform combines real-time monitoring and analytics to ensure the performance, health, and utilisation of the infrastructure that supports mission-critical applications. The full-stack solution enables customers to understand application workload behaviour and proactively optimise IT infrastructure from the data centre to the cloud.
This award-winning, vendor-agnostic monitoring and analytics platform combines application to infrastructure topology mapping, real-time data collection, and machine-learning analytics to provide actionable insights within the context of the applications utilising the infrastructure.
VirtualWisdom users can proactively assure application performance, predict capacity utilisation, balance workloads across infrastructure resources, and immediately identify root causes of problems. This results in substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings across both your data center and the public cloud.
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What does Virtana offer?

Virtual Wisdom

Infrastructure monitoring with AIOps for improved application uptime and reduced MTTR of infrastructure issues, accurate workload IO profiling for better decision-making, and VMware workload rightsizing for optimized resource assignments.


Virtana OpsCruise

Address the operational and performance challenges of dynamic, orchestrated cloud applications that legacy monitoring tools are ill-suited to handle.

Virtana FinOps

Enables a policy-as-code approach to managing your cloud environment.



Get the most out of your multi-vendor resources—computing, networking, storage, cloud, virtual machines (VM), Hyperscalers, containers, databases, and more—with a global view of your hybrid infrastructure.

Dependency Mapping

Automatically discover infrastructure elements, map the relationships between them, and dynamically update as modifications are made to the environment.

Virtana WorkloadWisdom

The industry’s only automated storage workload acquisition, analysis, modeling, and performance analytics solution that uses your own production workload data.

AI/ML Engine

Expand your application and infrastructure troubleshooting and issue resolution capabilities without having to build a deep bench of specialized SMEs.

Virtana Data Lake

A secure, scalable location for the data used by the Virtana modules to deliver AI-backed insights into hybrid infrastructure capacity, performance, and costs.

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