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But to win and deliver a range of projects both locally and globally, you need to invest in the skills, resources, and experience needed to fully execute in the services market.

By working with an experienced distribution partner to fill in any gaps in your services capabilities you can overcome these challenges and accelerate revenues.

In this blog, we look at the key benefits of working with a distribution partner to increase your ability to seize the services opportunity.

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Faster time to market and revenue for services

If you have robust governance, fiscal, management, and recruitment processes in place, it’s likely that you will experience long delays when developing new services capabilities in house and bringing new services to market. By working with a distribution partner with a comprehensive portfolio of ‘ready to go’ services, you overcome this challenge, allowing you to begin generating services revenues extremely quickly.

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Enhanced customer relationships and increased lifetime ROI

By working with a distributor that is committed to delivering highly professional and responsive services that meet and exceed vendor requirements for key KPIs, you can ensure the best possible service experience for your customers, increasing your brand value and fostering stronger, longer-lasting and – ultimately – more profitable customer relationships.

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Increased capacity – allowing you to bid for, win and deliver large, global projects

Depending on the size of your organisation, capacity may be an issue when it comes to meeting specific customer or project needs, either in terms of warehousing capacity, logistics networks, skills and resources needed to pre-configure and install equipment, and more. By working with a distribution partner, you can overcome these capacity challenges, and take on even very large global projects.

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Improved services planning based on in-depth business-case insights

By working with a distributor to deliver services to your customers initially, you gain an in-depth view of the skills, resources and funding required to create your own services capabilities in house. This allows you to make investment and upskilling decisions based on real ROI and profit data – depending on your strategy and business goals.

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Improved commercial outcomes based on new services revenues

By filling gaps in your service capabilities – either to deliver one-off projects for end customers, or for longer-term contracts – it becomes possible to execute fully in the services market and to create new, previously unavailable revenue streams. With services typically offering far higher margins than hardware and software sales, increasing your services capabilities can support help you to build a more successful, more profitable business.

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Reduced financial risks for services delivery

Designing, planning, and delivering new services can involve lots of hidden costs, either related to setting up new processes, recruiting new team members, or attaining the required vendor certifications. Delivering services for your customers in partnership with a trusted distributor reduces financial risks based on cost transparency, both in the short and long term.

Boost your services revenues and market share with Infinigate professional IT Services

Infinigate delivers a wide range of services that help our reseller partners to embrace growing services sales. Our portfolio is built on 20 years of successful delivery across multiple leading technologies and brands. During this time, we have developed the in-house skills, resources and experience needed to ensure the success of all types of projects and contracts, while constantly meeting challenging performance KPIs. 

In addition, our highly flexible, modular services portfolio allows partners to choose the specific services you need – whether you are looking to fill a gap in your services capabilities for a single project, whether you plan to develop your own in-house capability, or whether you want to use our services on an ongoing basis.  

To discuss your specific services strategy, please email, and we’ll set up a meeting at a time that is convenient to you.

You can also find more information about our professional IT services, and how they can help you maximise your revenues, here Services – Infinigate.

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner is Technical Services Director, Infinigate.