The challenges of hybrid and ‘as-a-service’ delivery

Due to the rapid shift in the IT market towards Software-as-a-Service and service solutions, partners must evolve if they want to retain a business model that profitably meets the diverse needs of their customers. 

For partners, success relies on:  

  • Reducing operating complexity and lowering costs with automation 
  • Collecting, analysing and acting on data-driven customer insights to better understand customer needs and trends 
  • Levelling up skills to deliver new cybersecurity solutions to market 
  • Creating demand for new services with tailored marketing campaigns 
  • Growing customer lifetime revenue with renewals, upsells, cross-selling and effective customer support

ID Connect: Powering efficient operations and infinite opportunities  

To help simplify and accelerate your transition to blended hardware, software, and ‘as-a-service’ business models, Infinigate has created ID Connect.

ID Connect provides end-to-end digital tools and specialist expertise in a single, powerful and convenient hub. 

It features a dynamic digital marketplace to quickly and conveniently buy and manage a broad portfolio of hardware, software and services.

Partners also get access to essential insights to close profitable deals faster, including order status, stock levels, pricing and information on customers’ hardware, software and services renewals.  

Critically, it provides all the end-to-end expert support you need to navigate the market, fill gaps in your capabilities and act on new opportunities. 

This includes data analytics, marketing, professional services and post-sales support, and technical and sales training.  

Key business benefits  

Via single sign-on, Infinigate partners get exclusive and convenient access to digital services that drive competitive advantage.

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Lower your operating costs

Based on automation, fuelled by our investments in our open APIs framework and specific integrations with partners’ PSA (professional service automation) systems.

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Fast-track your move to cloud and ‘as-a-service’ selling 

With a customisable and scalable cloud platform for seamlessly managing your cloud and MSP business.

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Reduce your risk

With technical support and access to cybersecurity and cloud experts across EMEA.

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Extend your capabilities with professional services

Whether it’s a vendor-specific support ticket, a cloud support call, a white-labelled service, or guidance on the best solution, access our experts in one centralised Professional Services and Support hub.

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Acquire new customers

Create marketing campaigns built to boost brand visibility and generate high value leads. Our marketing tools provides ready-to-go marketing campaigns and sales enablement resources.

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Identify and act on customer opportunities and market trends

With data-driven analytics to help you make informed decisions, track how your customers use your services, and drive more revenues.

Upskill your people for success 

With tailored technical and sales training and on-demand resources, delivered by experts. Developed to empower our partners to thrive in the ever-evolving IT landscape and equip them with essential skills to meet their customers’ needs.

Specialist expertise you – and your customers – can rely on   

The combination of our digital fulfilment capabilities and expert support helps ambitious IT resellers and MSPs to fully participate in the fast-growing cybersecurity and cloud market.  

ID Connect provides a single point of access to our cybersecurity and cloud teams across EMEA. This includes Infinigate Cloud, our specialist cloud business unit, delivering secure cloud solutions and services.  

With decades of value-added distribution experience, we have developed the in-house skills, resources, industry knowledge and market intelligence needed to spark your growth and ensure success for all types of projects and contracts. 

And as a services-orientated business, and one of the leading providers of manged security services in Europe, you can also access unrivalled professional services expertise to create new revenues streams, increase your margins and extend your capabilities.

See ID Connect in action 

Manage and scale your business profitability, get data-driven insights and benefit from seamless digital transactions.

To see ID Connect in action, request a demo here. 

If you are already an Infinigate partner, get exclusive access to ID Connect here.  

For more information, please contact your account team or visit Infinigate ID Connect  – Infinigate. 

Alexandre Remy

Alexandre Remy is VP Digital Business, Infinigate Group