The company’s operations span the entire globe and touch diverse areas of technology, from personal computing, to enterprise systems, entertainment, cloud computing, mobile devices, and much, much more.

Protect yourself from cyber security threats

Microsoft Security provides comprehensive threat protection by preventing, detecting and responding to all of your customers’ digital assets. To effectively protect your customers’ digital assets, offer Microsoft’s comprehensive threat protection solution, which includes Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities.
With a SIEM system, you can collect and analyse security data from multiple sources to identify potential threats, while XDR enables you to detect and respond to threats across multiple environments and platforms.

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Microsoft solutions

Microsoft Defender & Microsoft Sentinel

are XDR and SIEM solutions. They provide threat protection for identity, email, data, apps and more, as well as cloud security to protect your workloads in the cloud

Microsoft Entra

is the new product family name for identity and access solutions from Microsoft.

Microsoft Defender & Microsoft Sentinel 

Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel are XDR and SIEM solutions. They provide threat protection for identity, email, data, apps and more, as well as cloud security to protect your workloads in the cloud, regardless of which platforms you are on and which cloud providers you use. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint helps your business quickly stop attacks, scale security resources and improve defences with industry-leading endpoint security for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and network devices. Trust Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to provide you with a solid security foundation. With tools and insights that give you a holistic view of your environment, defence against complex threats and immediate responses to alerts – all on a central, end-to-end platform.

Identify and protect end devices across platforms for the entire company.

Look at your company from the perspective of an attacker.

Protect your company from new types of attacks and threats such as ransomware.

For proactive threat hunting that goes beyond endpoints

Microsoft Entra 

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution that provides comprehensive visibility into permissions assigned to all identities – such as overprivileged workloads and user identities, actions and resources across multicloud infrastructures in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Microsoft Entra Permissions Management detects, automatically resizes and continuously monitors unused and excessive permissions and deepens the Zero Trust security strategy by extending the principle of least privilege in multicloud infrastructures. Microsoft Entra Permissions Management provides a single unified platform to manage permissions for all identities across all major cloud platforms. Verified ID is a managed service for verifiable

Credentials. It provides organisations with a scalable, standards-based way to issue and verify digital credentials for end users or other organisations as part of an identity verification process, such as onboarding, secure app access or account recovery. With Verified ID, organisations can easily and securely verify workplace credentials, education status, certifications or other unique identifiers in seconds, while respecting the privacy of end users who can own and control their own identity. In addition, the entire product family can be managed from a unified admin centre so that access can be seamlessly secured for all stakeholders in any environment.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2022 for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services Microsoft is a leader in 6 Gartner MQs and 8 Forrester Wave and New Wave reports

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We are an EMEA cybersecurity distribution powerhouse, specialising in high-demand cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud technologies and services.

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Microsoft 365 is the place where individuals and teams connect, collaborate and produce.  No other productivity solution comes close to the capabilitiesoffered by Microsoft 365, from Microsoft Teams to keep everyone connected and in sync, through the traditional Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 

Microsoft Azure is the “computer of the world” and offers a wide range of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services that include cloud security, server workloads, networks, databases and storage and, more recently, extensive artificial intelligence services that can be integrated into any customised application.

Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based business platform that combines CRM and ERP capabilities, productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools. The integrated suite includes applications for multiple business functions and enables seamless connectivity with additional business tools – such as payroll, banking or industry-specific systems – and with many Microsoft products and solutions, such as Power BI and Microsoft Flow.

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