1. Introduction

1.1 Our Goal

As a Value-Added Distributor, we have a great responsibility not only towards our Vendors, Customers but more importantly to our Employees. We believe that responsibility, trust and accountability go hand in hand to ensure the success of our organization. We strive to ensure that no harm comes from our actions to the people, the environment, and the communities in which we do business.

At Infinigate, we have acknowledged the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion. We therefore strive to include ED&I factors in every part of our business to ensure a greater participation and promote not only our success as a company but also the success of our teams and individual employees. We hope to create an inclusive working environment where all employees despite their origin, race, gender, religion or other differences are respected and valued.

This ED&I policy details our commitment to implementing ED&I aspects into our overall business structure to promote more diversity and inclusion into our organization.

1.2 Our Objectives

We recognize and understand the importance of protecting our employees whether temporary, part-time or fulltime as well as promoting equality, fairness and will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

The objectives of our ED&I Policy are:

  • Equality: We want to ensure equality through our organisation by ensuring that the same opportunities and advantages are accessible to all employees based on their objective knowledge, skills and performance.
  • Diversity: We aim to embrace all forms of diversity by ensuring that all employees are valued for their effort and contribution.
  • Inclusion: To create a working environment where differences are not only accepted but also valued and appreciated. Infinigate should be an organisation where our employees feel involved and respected.

To achieve the objectives outlined above, we have decided to focus our engagement on the key areas most affected by discrimination. These include:

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Race/Ethnicity, Culture, Religion and Belief

2. Our Commitment

Infinigate values all its employees despite their ethnicity, age, religion or gender. We are committed to ensuring that our work environment is one where all our employees feel safe and can fully develop their talents.

Our ED&I commitments includes:

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation: We at Infinigate will promote equal opportunities including but not limited to promotions and salary benefits to all our employees and encourage gender quality across all levels of our organization, independent of their sexual identity. It is stated in our Code of Conduct in paragraph 4.2 that no forms of discrimination regarding gender and sexual orientation will be accepted or tolerated. Furthermore, we are committed to:
    • Increase the employment share of women, if under-represented, at all levels within the organisation.
    • Ensure equal pay for women and men in similar jobs and with similar qualifications.
    • Encourage work-life balance for all our employees.
    • Support all employees independent of their sexual orientation to feel included and valued.
  • Age: Having employees from different generations can be of great benefit to an organisation and we value the contribution of individuals from different age groups. Notwithstanding our Code of Conduct mentions in paragraph 4.4 that no form of child or forced labour and will be accepted or tolerated. We are committed to:
    • Promote the inclusion of all age groups in compliance with applicable labour laws.
  • Disability: We will value all employees based on their unique potential and not on their body condition. Infinigate realises that most people are not always disabled because of their own personal individual impairment but due to societal attitudes barriers that lead to marginalization and lack of access to full human rights. Our subsidiary entities are educated on the importance of adapting their infrastructure to the needs of disabled employees. As of now, we reassign tasks which are more doable to disabled colleagues if necessary. We provide for example height-adjustable desks, ergonomic office chairs and offer other hardware to employees if required (e.g., in case of severe disability due to visual impairment). Also severely disabled people shall be given the parking spaces closest to the door in the underground garage so that they have the shortest possible distances to the elevator. Furthermore, we are committed to:
    • Monitoring and improving our already implemented measures.
    • Identifying and eliminating any additional barriers against impaired employees.
    • Ensure equal opportunities and the integration of impaired/disabled employees in all levels of the organisation.
  • Race/Ethnicity, Culture, Religion and Beliefs: We value, respect and welcome cultural differences as a means of added value to our organization. Infinigate has a non-discrimination policy regarding Race/Ethnicity, Culture, Religion and Belief as stated into our Code of Conduct in paragraph 4.2. We are committed to:
    • Foster a company environment filled with respect and the appreciation of cultural diversity.
    • Promote the integration of employees from different backgrounds throughout our Organisation.
    • Ensure that the needs of our employees with various religious backgrounds are met. We are committed to if necessary, supporting our employees for example during religious periods such as the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid, Passover (Pesach) or religious pilgrimages.

3. Reporting

To reflect our commitment to ensuring we have an equitable and inclusive work environment and workplace programs and initiatives that are supportive of this we will track and measure our success against the following criteria:

  • No gender should exceed 60% representation
  • 5% Increase year on year for Females in management positions
  • No age group will exceed 50% representation
  • Equal pay for all genders carrying out the same role under the same conditions
  • Average days of sick leave per employee per year will be below 4 (excluding long term sickness)
  • Voluntary Attrition rate will be below 18%
  • 50% Internal promotions given to female candidates

Gender Pay Gap analysis will currently be conducted in all countries where this is a legal requirement and in all countries by end of 2024.

4. Monitoring

Our ED&I Policy is overviewed and approved by our Compliance manager and our Board of Directors. Our compliance team will report its internal compliance checks to the Board, which will take additional necessary actions whenever needed to ensure our goal and compliance with our objectives is met. In addition, our compliance team regularly reviews and updates this policy aligning it with the organization and any applicable laws. This policy is made available to all employees, who are required to read this policy and put this policy into practice.

Any questions regarding our ED&I policy should be directed to our Group Compliance manager at compliance@infinigate.com.

Furthermore, we encourage our employees and stakeholders to report any form of violations against this policy to their direct supervisors or the Compliance manager mentioned above. In severe cases or if a report does remain unanswered, violations can be reported to our whistle-blower hotline at https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/infinigate.

5. Definitions

  • We: Infinigate.
  • ED&I: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Disability: Comprises of but not limited to physical, cognitive and mental health issues and long-standing and fluctuating health conditions.
  • Organisation: Infinigate and all its subsidiary companies.
  • e.g.: For example