Fareham, UK – 8 November 2023. Infinigate Cloud, an expert business unit within the Infinigate Group, specialising in secure cloud solutions, will be the first distributor to supply the full suite of WatchGuard’s advanced cybersecurity technology on a subscription service model in the UK, answering the need for a more flexible consumption model, avoiding upfront capital expenditure.

The collaboration builds on the successful partnership with Nuvias, now also an integral part of the Infinigate Group. This will not only bring the subscription service model to Infinigate Cloud but will also be extended to Infinigate UK.
WatchGuard, a global leader in unified cybersecurity, whose Unified Security Platform framework brings together network and endpoint security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication and network intelligence products and services, makes enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology accessible for every company.

Michael Frisby, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services at Infinigate Group, said: “Innovation is a fundamental value of Infinigate Cloud, and we’re delighted to be the first UK distributor to bring fixed price subscription services for WatchGuard partners across the full product portfolio through the CORE platform. This will remove complexity and currency exchange fluctuation risks for our resellers which in turn reduces operational overhead and frees time to focus on the end customer.”

Jonathan Whitley, Regional Vice President – Northern Europe at WatchGuard Technologies WatchGuard, said: “I am very excited to be able offer our partners subscription billing across the whole suite of WatchGuard’s cybersecurity product portfolio through the Infinigate Cloud platform. Cybersecurity is a critical layer to all MSPs’ stacks and now they can consume and resell it in the most flexible way possible. Infinigate has a history of breaking down barriers for partners, and they are doing it again with this release. Partners can now buy products and provision licences at their own convenience, as well as support any of their customers that require monthly billing rather than upfront purchases.”

The collaboration with WatchGuard benefits from a deep technical integration with CORE, Infinigate Cloud’s Marketplace & Integrations platform, to provide a seamless experience for resellers to purchase WatchGuard network security, advanced endpoint, multi-factor authentication, and Wi-Fi products and services alongside Microsoft 365 and Azure.

This initiative combines the benefits of over 25 years’ experience in traditional channel distribution with a proven subscription services offering through Infinigate Cloud.

This new subscription-based service will leverage the experience, technical and pre-sales skills within the existing Infinigate WatchGuard Cybersecurity team to enable its roll out across Infinigate UK. It will be available to both existing partners via the Infinigate Cybersecurity team and new customers buying from Infinigate Cloud.

WatchGuard delivers the first security hardware offering for Infinigate Cloud, adding to its comprehensive range of secure cloud solutions.


About Infinigate Cloud

Infinigate Cloud is an expert business unit within the Infinigate Group specialising in secure cloud solutions.

As a born in the cloud distributor with a deep technical heritage, we continually invest in our teams and evolve our value-add services to ensure we deliver the very best in technical expertise and 24*7 support for our partners.

Our 25+ years of experience in the cloud has taught us that we are only successful if our partners are. Award winning education and go to market services help our partners achieve their full potential and grow their businesses faster.

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