Rotkreuz, Switzerland, 8 February 2024 – the Infinigate Group, the EMEA VAD specialising in cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud, is launching Infinigate Financial Services, to help partners successfully negotiate the financial challenges of a highly competitive market and volatile environment.

Infinigate Financial Services assist partners in overcoming budget constraints, enabling them to fund multi-year subscriptions, securing prices across multiple years and shielding against currency fluctuations – paving the way to a more secure, stable growth path. The ‘deploy now, pay later’ option, allows partners to intercept valuable opportunities in a timely manner to stay competitive in a fast-moving environment.

The new services will be available initially across Benelux, France, Germany, the Nordic region, Spain and the UK. Infinigate channel partners will have access to bundles including software, hardware and services with a single convenient monthly, quarterly or annual payment, and with a software-only financing option.

The services have been designed with simplicity at their core, so that partners can quickly access preliminary quotes and make informed decisions with the support of Infinigate advisors.

“We are aware of the challenging economic climate our partners operate in and of the speed of change they have to keep up with. We are launching Infinigate Financial Services to offer partners access to specially designed financial packages to help them secure long-term revenue streams without the need to impact their cash. This will help democratise access to growth opportunities, especially for small and medium firms that don’ have access to large capital funds,” says Kristiina Leppänen, Chief Financial Officer at the Infinigate Group.

Financing the Technology Lifecycle Management is an essential part of securing sustained revenue in the IT industry and in the IT channel, ensuring that technology investment is protected from procurement through to asset management and device refurbishment.

Infinigate Financial Services will be scaled to additional countries across EMEA over the coming months.

About the Infinigate Group

The Infinigate Group is an EMEA cybersecurity powerhouse covering over 100 countries. Growth is in our DNA, with a 15-year double-digit growth record; in fiscal year 2022/23, our revenue was 2.2 billion Euros. Our focus and deep technical expertise on cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud for SMB and enterprise set us apart. Our 1,250 employees provide locally tailored services complementing a robust central supply chain, sparking growth for our partners, MSSPs and vendors. In 2022, Starlink, Vuzion (now Infinigate Cloud) and Nuvias became part of the Infinigate Group. For additional information visit