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According to Eurostat, in 2022, there were 9.8 million people employed in high-technology sectors across the EU. Women accounted for almost one-third (32.8%) of the total number of people employed in the EU’s high-technology sectors in 2022.

International Women’s Day is about raising awareness for inclusion and fostering better gender balance and it is powered by our collective effort. So, let us share some testimonials from women making an impact in the IT channel, showing you can build a rewarding, successful career in the IT sector, in the hope that they will inspire more women to join our ranks.

We hear from two successful IT professionals, on the reason behind their career choices, what makes them tick and the rewards of a career in the IT sector.

What inspired you to embark on a career in the IT sector?

stacey forman

Stacey Forman, Head of IT PMO at Infinigate finds undeniable appeal in the relevance of technology to our world, and its constant evolution: “There is nothing more progressive and change-driven than technology careers. the momentum of technology and its impact on society cannot be denied and that, to me, is very exciting. Technology underpins EVERYTHING! ”

Kristiina Leppänen

Kristiina Leppänen, Chief Financial Officer at Infinigate enjoys the dynamic and innovative environment that keep her engaged and on a constant evolutive path: “I like the dynamism of the IT industry, its appetite for change and innovation. Invariably, it invites a cross-generational mix, with the new generations well represented and bringing different approaches and viewpoints, which is healthy for any company. I feel like the tech industry has a key role in building our shared future!”

What’s the best thing about your job?

When we asked our panel about the most rewarding part of their job, their answers indicated you can shape your career to satisfy different needs – from creativity to innovation and personal development, not forgetting the social rewards.

Stacey highlighted her enjoyment of using her creativity to tackle different issues, bringing new approaches to resolve them: “There is always a lot of creative problem solving required, which I enjoy. The appetite for change is significant and I love the opportunities to suggest and follow through on ideas.”

Kristiina finds being part of a multi-cultural and socially diverse environment enjoyable and inspiring: “The best part of my job is the people part. It is stimulating to be surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds, it makes for a vibrant environment and it is enriching. It’s great to see different people succeed in different ways, based on their own qualities and skills.”

What is your top career advice to women entering the industry?

How can we learn from women who have a successful career in the IT industry? Our panel shares some top tips for women in IT.

Stacey stresses the importance of bringing your unique viewpoint to the business community, looking at your diversity as a positive: “Get comfortable about being the first. This might be the first person to ask a question, to innovate through a different approach or to react differently to a situation. Your different outlook and take, shaped by your life experience, empathy and personal creativity are a gift to be shared.”

Kristiina advises women to express themselves with confidence and relish in their uniqueness: “Be yourself and be proud of who you are. All too often, our lack of self-confidence undermines our potential for success. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can others believe in you? Authenticity and confidence are an unbeatable combination to help you on the road to success, whatever that means for you.”

Why is it important to promote gender parity in the IT sector?

It may seem that promoting inclusion and gender parity is now a redundant activity in a world with high awareness of these topics, nevertheless, it is important, to continue to bolster the confidence of the next generation of women who will join our ranks for a more balanced gender mix across all industry sectors.

To promote gender parity, Stacey believes we must start with ensuring bias isn’t built into technology or platforms: “Diversity of thought and experience is critical to ensure bias doesn’t become built into technology systems – our systems and processes are only as accessible and inclusive as the people who build them. Inclusion of individuals from different backgrounds, genders and lifestyles will help to future-proof our processes and ensure it can be used and enjoyed by a broader audience. Everyone wins!”

Promoting gender parity is about enabling a more successful society, not just a more progressive and successful business, according to Kristiina: “By promoting a diverse environment, across all industries, not just business, but all society benefits. The technology sector has a gender imbalance that needs to be addressed. Only by keeping awareness high and educating the new generations we can hope to keep the needle moving in the right direction.”