By effectively harnessing the power of AI-driven technology, enterprises can benefit from unprecedented automation and business insights. The consistency and scalability of AI allow for many low-level processes to be fully automated. Companies can also make decisions, drive innovation and enhance services based on data, with AI and Machine Learning (ML) providing the necessary insights.

Due to these significant benefits, the global enterprise AI market is projected to reach around $102.9 billion by 2030.

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For organisations, the adoption of AI and ML isn’t an option anymore. To stay competitive in the upcoming years and accelerate digital transformation, it is a necessity. Here partners will play an integral role by helping customers to evaluate and deploy solutions that deliver the greatest impact – as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“Partners will play an integral role by helping customers to evaluate and deploy AI solutions that deliver the greatest impact – as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Network transformation is enabling the AI-driven enterprise

With the maturity of AI, networks are transforming like never before and enabling the AI-driven enterprise. As Gartner outlines in its 2023 report: “AI networking offers great potential to disrupt long-standing traditional networking operations to create a massive productivity increase.”

AI plays an increasingly critical role in taming the complexity of growing IT networks. AI-driven networks are easier to operate, empowering IT teams to quickly configure and protect the network while minimising errors. With AI, IT professionals can determine networking faults based on historical and real-time data and manage the network more dynamically.

Time-consuming manual IT tasks can be replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing capabilities, enabling IT teams to focus more resources on strategic initiatives and serving customers.

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There is also huge value in the data that an AI-driven network gathers. For example, businesses can increase the value of their wireless networks through personalised location services, such as wayfinding, proximity notifications, and asset location to enhance employee and user engagement.

The impact of the AI-driven enterprise can be clearly seen in improved efficiency in business operations, lower costs and improvements in the experience of any digital user. 

Better user experiences

AI-driven insights provide the necessary visibility to improve the experience of any digital user. True AI delivers the power and experience to make technology accessible while invisible, taking deliberate actions to optimise the network and making connectivity seamless – proactively identifying and resolving problems before they impact users.

Users become more productive with a highly predictable and reliable network infrastructure, and are enabled to build agile networks, leverage DevOps approaches, and drive digital transformation.

For example, Juniper’s innovative AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio, driven by Mist AI, delivers superior user experiences across the wiredwireless, and SD-WAN environments with full-stack service levels, proactive remediation, personalised location services, and security.

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Transform IT with AI-driven operations and support

More efficient IT operations and lower costs

Enterprises are looking to reduce their operating expenses which make up a significant proportion of IT budgets. One way to do that is to automate the manual tasks that IT staff must do – such as routine maintenance and troubleshooting – lowering networking operational costs and saving substantial time and money.

IT teams using AIOps, self-driving network functions and AI-driven support can dramatically improve the efficiency and reliability of their operations, reduce downtime and outages, and improve the overall performance and availability of their services with networks that are automated, streamlined, and largely self-healing.

One example is Juniper’s Marvis, the industry’s first virtual network assistant, which is central to Juniper’s unique AI-driven support model. Marvis is an essential virtual member of an IT team, using conversational language to understand, process, and immediately reply to the network-related questions you ask it. The conversational interface has recently been expanded with ChatGPT – delivering more human-like conversational capabilities.

Marvis capitalises on machine learning to continually grow its knowledge base, which allows it to proactively correct issues and accelerate trouble ticket resolution, which all contribute to the continual, automated optimisation of the network.

It’s time to put AI into action for your customers

The Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio, driven by MIST AI, delivers client-to-cloud automation, insight and self-driving action.

It is the perfect example of how AI can be put to work straight away to positively impact everyone within the enterprise and significantly reduce operational challenges, deliver better user experiences and reduce costs.

Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio continues to outpace the competition in market share growth, earn top distinctions from industry experts and gain the trust of customers and partners worldwide.

To find out more about how Juniper and Infinigate can help you transform your enterprise customers networks with AI, machine learning, and data science capabilities, contact one of our Juniper experts today.

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To find out more about how Juniper and Infinigate can help you transform your enterprise customers networks with AI, machine learning, and data science capabilities, contact one of our Juniper experts today.