ClipTraining is a self-service eLearning solution for Microsoft 365

That assists workers by keeping them productive and their knowledge up to speed. With 100s of short 60-90 second videos, providing real-time help whenever users need it. 

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What does ClipTraining offer in the cloud?

With a self-service, web-based portal and Microsoft Teams app, ClipTraining is a great solution for to keep employees up to date and productive with short, video led training to enhance their skills.  

ClipTraining helps and provides: 

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Boost Productivity

provide users with access to software they can use everyday. Almost like them having an expert by their side! 

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Drive Teams Adoption

all videos are available inside a native Teams application to maintain focus without the need to open new windows. 

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Reduce Helpdesk Calls

users can quickly find training videos to help with the task they are working on. 

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Improve Skills Retention

simple ‘how-to’ videos in short lesson formats make applying new skills immediately easy to do. 

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Enable Remote Learning

a cloud-based Learning Platform with a mobile friendly design means users can improve skills anywhere. 

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Learn from Microsoft MVPs

watch each video in confidence knowing they have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs. 

Why Infinigate for ClipTraining?

Infinigate Cloud – our expert Cloud business unit – has made the ClipTraining service available to purchase via the Infinigate Cloud marketplace.

ClipTraining is purchased via a tier. Available are tiers 1 – 3, starting from a minimum of 10,000 licenses in tier 1, up to 100,000 licenses in tier 3. You can select a tier that works best for you and the reach of your end customers, with premium courses also included such as Security Awareness, HR and Business Skills. Once purchased, you decide how you provide the service to your customer base.

About Infinigate

We are an EMEA cybersecurity distribution powerhouse, specialising in high-demand cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud technologies and services.

We spark your growth and boost your market share with: 

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Our relentless focus on your growth which helps our partners outpace the market

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The right mix of human and digital support to win more deals and take solutions to market faster

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Modular solutions and services that fills gaps in your in-house capabilities and open new revenue streams


Pan-European presence and delivery capabilities with skilled EU experts present in local countries to support you