Mimecast’s award winning advanced email protection solutions

provide proactive threat detection, brand protection, user awareness training and data retention and archival capabilities. 

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What does Mimecast offer in the cloud?

Mimecast offer best in class email security with either a Cloud Integrated or Cloud Gateway approach.  

Cloud Integrated

The new Cloud Integrated approach is best for companies that have:

  • Single platform cloud email environments on Microsoft 365 
  • A limited number of email domains 
  • Standard security needs 

And would like:

  • Fast deployment, can be four minutes or less with no MX changes 
  • World-class security 
  • Effortless setup and administration 

Cloud Gateway

The Gateway approach is best for companies that have 

  • Large and complex email environments, including hybrid and on-premise 
  • Multiple email tenants that have complex admin need 
  • Acquire companies and/or new domains regularly  
  • Comprehensive and tailored security operations 

And would like 

  • World-class security and data recovery 
  • More choice on configuration and granular policy control 
  • The ability to integrate with other security tools quickly and easily 

Why Infinigate for Mimecast?

Infinigate Cloud – our expert Cloud business unit – will help you design the email security solution which best fits the needs of each of your customers. As the largest MSP Mimecast partner in the UK Infinigate Cloud has more expertise and experience than any other cloud aggregator, helping you more efficiently protect your customers.

Through EDGE, our training and development program, comprehensive training on the Mimecast suite of solutions is available to bring your teams quickly up to speed.

The Infinigate Cloud service delivery teams are on hand to help you put together the optimum configuration for each customer and will work hand-in-hand with your teams to deliver a seamless and quick setup, with technical support available 24*7.

About Infinigate

We are an EMEA cybersecurity distribution powerhouse, specialising in high-demand cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud technologies and services.

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